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TwtrSymphony is about new music—about getting music of new composers out to the world—sharing this music to new audiences. We are an orchestra of musicians who connected via Twitter. You don't get more 'social media' than that!

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Raise Your Voice is our latest release, dedicated to the people of Newtown Connecticut. Last December the town was hit by tragedy, when a gunman shot twenty children and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

We partnered with the Epsom Chamber Choir adding their voices to the musicians of TwtrSymphony. Written within days of the tragedy, the music took a long time to put together. Although longer than our typical 140 seconds, the importance of the message demanded more.  

We feel music is a great healer and solace for the soul. Raise Your Voice is free to download. Share it with your friends, on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else you think people might need to hear the message.

Raise Your Voice
words by Aric Clark

Who, what, when where, why?
Don't tell me how, tell me who, what, when, where, why? 
Lonely sits the classroom, no more children 
Lonelier the playground where they played
Desolate are the hearts of those who held them, loved them 
One morning left a lifetime of pain.
Raise your eyes 
Raise your hands 
Raise your voice

So let us sing and be heard 
Over the blood incurred
Hatred will not have the last word 
These are our defiant alleluias

Let our love increase and soar 
Let violence reign no more
Bullets will not drown the roar 
Of our defiant alleluias

Remember the joy of a child 
Delight at the smallest of things 
Remember they need us 
to make their world safe

Lovely are children that grow and learn. 
Lovelier their laughter while they play.
Rejoice the hearts that hold them, love them.
That love which turns dark into day
Raise your heart 
Raise your voice 


Our Music so far...

Symphony No. 2, Birds of a Feather  is complete. "Murmuration", the fourth and final movement was released on December 6th. It's been a long time in coming but well worth the wait.  And this is JUST the beginning.

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TwtrSymphony is a new concept in the symphony orchestra-musicians remotely record their part, with the final product put together in the studio. We are champions of new orchestra music, recording music of the 21st century. 

The Process: Each musician is given their part and a click track. They record it on their own time leaving them free to take on other music related projects.When each musician is done with their recording they send it to our sound engineer who puts the tracks together to create a full orchestra sound, without having the expense of a hall.

The music we're performing is also unique-limited to 140 seconds per track. Each track is the pure essence of the music, with no time for long drawn-out developments often associated with classical music. Our Music Director and Resident Composer, Chip Michael wrote his Symphony No. 2 Birds of a Feather specifically for the musicians of TwtrSymphony. This four movement work trimmed off the excess to capture the bare nugget for each movement of the symphony. 

Part of what makes Twitter unique is the terse conversations that take place. It isn't a place where long, drawn out diatribes are posted. Rather, Twitter is communication boiled down to the essentials. Conversations happen, but they tend to be quick exchanges of ideas and concepts. TwtrSymphony captures that with short pieces filled with energy and intensity.

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"Tremulando Dança" is the third movement and is Portuguese for Fluttering Dance. As might be typical for a third movement in a classical symphony the minuet and trio is used with a nod toward the Scherzo or "joke." The music dances about in an alt...

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