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TwtrSymphony is all about connecting — Connecting musicians from around the world, connecting musicians with new music and new music with a new audience–all over the Internet.  

It all started March 4th with the wild idea of creating a symphony of musicians who connect through Twitter. The idea went viral and within a week we had over 100 people wanting to participate. This meant auditions.

Creator Chip Michael began working on writing a series of short audition pieces for the interested musicians. By then end of March over 300 musicians auditioned, over 400 audition tracks, with a final 60 musicians selected to take part.  Chip Michael then wrote his Symphony No. 2, TwtrSymphony's debut piece: "Birds of a Feather – a symphony in four movements, each movement less than 2'20" in length using the full compliment of musicians. TwtrSymphony is also working on a few chamber pieces to show the diversity of our musicians (and provide the opportunity for other composer to be involved).

The process sounds simple: send music to musicians, they record it (send it back) and then put the tracks together. There are a number of problems with this process along the way. Each musicians needs to get a click track along with their music so they can play in time. Some form of standard tuning (we use A=440) needs to be decided. Musicians are also using a variety of different equipment, methods and locations to create their recordings, so the various tracks can be quite diverse in sound. 

Garry Boyle and Felipe Gonzalez provide the engineering expertise to bring the whole large orchestral works together. Angelina Faulkner is doing the engineering work for the chamber pieces.  It is a lot of work getting the parts together. Symphony No. 2 Birds of a Feather is being released one track at a time.  

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