Birds of a Feather

Symphony No. 2 Birds of a Feather

The first official release of TwtrSymphony is entitled Symphony No. 2 Birds of a Feather because it is composer Chip Michael's second symphony. 

The Hawk Goes Hunting The first movement, "The Hawk Goes Hunting" is a bold statement as if to say "Here we are!" TwtrSymphony is making a statement, albeit short (only 2'11"), that rather is the point of Twitter, to be concise. The movement is in Sonata-Allegro form, and yet captures the mood in "135" beats --beats being a relative term as much of the piece is written in 13/8. 

Birds of Paradise The second movement, "Birds of Paradise" is slower and more introspective. The colors of the orchestra come into play as they slowly shade the theme in different ways. Like the first movement, the primary meter is 13/8, but grouped in a contrasting manner to provide a distinct way of "feeling" the music. 

Tremulado Danca "Tremulando Dança" is the third movement and is Portuguese for Fluttering Dance. As might be typical for a third movement in a classical symphony the minuet and trio is used with a nod toward the Scherzo or "joke." The music dances about in an altered rumba beat for the minuet, with the trio a modified waltz with some unlikely shifts in the beat. The minuet keeps the heavy use of 13/8 as the main underlying meter. 

Murmuration The final movement, "Murmuration" is a chance for the orchestra to truly emulate the flight of birds. The music shifts and flows as a flock of starlings might glide through the sky, taking sudden turns without warning, all the while keeping a cohesive form. The music form is a variation on a theme and variations. As the music is 'reduced' to a 140 beat limit, the flow of the variations actually ride overtop of each other, much like the formation of the starlings do in the murmurations. By the time the piece recapitulates the main theme, there have been six variations.

Overall, the symphony is incredibly short, less than 10 mins. Yet, it captures the essence of the symphonic form while featuring the many musicians of TwtrSymphony. 

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